A major concern of renting porta potties is the waste management aspect of their use and the potential issues and concerns that come along with their use. Gotta-Go Now, LLC is an experienced rental company that prides itself on how it keeps the units clean, sanitary and in proper functioning order.

Waste Management of Portable Toilets differ depending on the type of location where the Porta Potty will be used. If needed long-term at a construction site, there are a variety of issues to consider. The number of porta potties needed on site will vary depending on how many individuals will need to be accommodated. On average, one unit is needed per 10 employees, based on a 40 hour work week. Gotta-Go Now, LLC will work out a schedule with site management for the best placement of the units to ensure they stay level and the rental company can provide proper waste management through regular pumping. It is also important that the porta potties have non-slip floors to avoid injury during use and that chemical disbursements be added regularly to dramatically reduce odors from long-term use.

When Portable Toilets are need for a formal event, like an outdoor wedding or fundraiser, the requirements will be quite different from a construction site. There are a variety of different options available based on the needs for the event.